March 20, 2018

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Bennett Spring State Park Fishing Report

The stream will be in much better shape as we get closer to opening day.  I can tell you with certainty that the water will be up and off color.  Please plan for these conditions.  You will be able to fish with larger tippet and the fish will not be as picky as they are when the water is clear.  People think that bright colors are always best when the water is dingy/murky/muddy, but not necessarily the case.  Dark colors such as black, brown or olive are most effective under these conditions.  White can also be very effective.   I would recommend spinners and jigs for those using spinning rods.  Mini jigs and woolie buggers along with mega worms and mop flies will be effective..  Also, bigger patterns will be easier for fish to pick up in the off color water.  We will be updating this report as water conditions improve.       … [Read more...]