March 20, 2018

About Us

Larry’s Sporting Goods opened the doors in 1966.   Larry and Kay Peace (the owners) grew up spending as much time fishing and hunting as he could.  He grew up in the fishing tackle business as his dad managed the concessionaire position at Bennett Spring State Park..   Some of the old timers will remember Larry from his days spent at Montauk State Park near Licking..  My brother Mike built this site and does all the website maintenance.  He brainstorms to give us new ideas and keeps us on the leading edge of whats current in products and also in technology.  Mike spent his early childhood days at Montauk before Larry and Kay moved to the Bennett area.  It rest is water under the bridge..   In the late 70’s, Larry sold the store and took back the ownership in 1983.    He has spent countless hours tying flies and making lures .   He still ties a lot of the flies that you catch fish on.      

Many of you that shop with us know Brian.  He is my old run around fishing buddy from High School  We have spent many hours chasing fish at Bennett and surrounding streams and lakes.   He started with us a couple years ago (he worked here back in the 80’s when Ralph Spurrier ran the shop) and we are very excited to have him working with us..  

My son Kyler is the newest addition into the shop.  He is in college in Springfield currently and will be working in the shop some and he also works with our social media and also is in charge of production of several of the flies and lures made for our shop.  

Also want to mention the staff we work with every day at the resort.. They are here to make your stay the best it can be at Larry’s.  If you need anything, let us know.  We are here to make your stay enjoyable and memorable.

My name is Kelly and you will be hearing alot from me here on the site..   I will be feeding you new info on a regular basis.   Have a suggestion for us, drop me an email or a call..  We are putting this site up for you for your benefit.  We want to be your source of information for Bennett Spring State Park..  Going fishing at another park !  No problem..  We have contacts at each park that can assist in making your trip a better one.  We aren’t in this business just for ourselves.  We want to network with other dealers to help you in your fishing expeditions.  We will be talking to you.  Drop us a line.   Kelly