March 20, 2018

Park Info

Services and Amenities

Bennett Spring State Park has three different offices which offer specific services:

  • The park store and restaurant are operated by a private concessionaire.
  • The hatchery is operated by the Department of Conservation.
  • The park, campgrounds, and nature center are operated by the Department of Natural Resources.

Where do I go and how do I get there?

If  you need to purchase fishing equipment, camping supplies, groceries or get tips on what lure is working best, goto or contact Larry Sporting Goods at the East park entrance on Hwy 64A.  You can email larrys at or submit a contact form.

If you need to purchase a fishing permit, daily tag, trout permit, go to the Lodge. The Lodge can be reached at (417)-532-4307.

Larry’s Cedar Resort has cabins and condo units for rent. For information regarding cabins and motels call 417-532-2356.

To get general information about the park, visit the Park office.  The Park office can be reached at (417)-532-2128.

The Park Ranger, Mr. Al Barton can be reached at 417-532-4338.

To reserve a campsite call (877)-422-6766 or visit

Mo State Parks contact details:

To be sure of fishing regulations, report a fishing violation, attend a hatchery tour, or feed the fish, see the folks at Bennett Spring State Fish Hatchery. The hatchery is located in the north end of the park next to the spring. The hatchery can be reached at (573) 847-2430.

To get information on park programs, get answers about the natural resources in the park, or to schedule special programs for groups, see the Nature Center. The Nature Center can be reached at (417)-532-3925.

Whatever the need, the Larry’s store staff, Department of Natural Resources and Department of Conservation staff are all here to serve you and are available to help in any way to make your visit safe and enjoyable.