March 20, 2018

Stream Conditions

Video of Bennett Spring State Park and Niangua River flooding – 29 December 2015

Bennett Spring Flood

March 12, 2012  Stream Conditions

We received about a half inch of rain yesterday, but it was a slow soaker.   The stream is in great condition, a couple  inches above normal and clear in color.  The niangua river is about the same.  Good fishing in the river as they stocked about 500 fish here last friday the 9th of march.   Getting lots of reports of 14 to 15 inch fish here in the park.    As you may have heard, we had a tornado go through just before opening day.  It did some damage along highway 64 up by the fire station, but no damage within the state park.

Overall, fishing has been very good.

Cubic Feet per Second flow  170

Gauge Height = 2.16    This is about four inches over a normal stream height.