January 16, 2018

Bennett Spring Stream Conditions

The stream is in great shape.  Bennett was up about twenty inches the first of June.  The water is up about three inches currently and it is off color.  This usually keeps the fish from being so picky.  We have a chance of rain starting on Friday for a few days, but we are only supposed to receive scattered showers.     … [Read more...]

Bennett Spring State Park Fishing Report

6X Mono or 5x or 6X Fluorocarbon Fishing has been extremely good and the crowds have been very light the last three weeks.  Several report of 25-30 fish per day and seeing several fish in the 13-15 inch variety. Whats working ? Olive or Brown Woolie Buggers                                           Bedspreads Chartreuse or Blue Cracklebacks                                         White anything Black Zebra Midges - Silver or Copper Beads                    Megaworms Copper Hot Shots                                                                    Black and Yellow or Red and White Marabou       … [Read more...]

Larry’s – Catch and Release

  Catch and Release 2015/16 - November 13 thru February 8 We will open for the 2015 Bennett Spring catch and release season at 7:30 a.m. on November 13, 2015.  Fishing and Hunting license' will be available for purchase. We promise to offer the best customer service.  We are here to offer tips on what he hottest pattenrn are and to give advice on your next equipment purchase.  We are here to help.  Stop in and see us. … [Read more...]

Bennett Spring State Park – Trout Fishing Opening Day 2012

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Felt Sole Ban – Bennett Spring State Park – Effective March 1st 2012

The Missouri Conservation Commission has approved a regulation change banning the use of porous-soled waders or footwear incorporating or having attached a porous sole of felted, matted, or woven fibrous material when fishing in trout parks and other specific trout waters. Pending public comment through the Secretary of State's office, the new regulation will go into effect March 1, 2012, the opening day of catch-and-keep fishing at Missouri's four trout parks. To help reduce the spread of didymo, MDC encourages anglers to remember: Check, then Clean or Dry. *        Check all gear and equipment and remove any visible algae. Dispose of algae by placing it in the trash, not by putting it down a drain or into bodies of water. *        Then Clean all gear and equipment with a solution of 2-percent bleach, 5-percent saltwater, or dishwashing detergent. Allow all equipment to stay in contact with the solution for at least three minutes. Soak all soft items, such as felt-soled … [Read more...]