April 24, 2018

I Released a Lunker Award

Catching and releasing big trout takes skill and dedication. That's why the Conservation Department's "I Released a Lunker" program recognizes anglers who release big trout to fight another day. Here's how to earn a patch: Catch a trout by legal methods that is at least 18 inches long. Release it in the presence of a witness (a photo really helps). Do it between March 1 and Oct. 31 in the trout parks located at Bennett Spring State Park, Montauk State Park, Roaring River State Park and The James Foundation’s Maramec Spring Park. Find a Missouri Department of Conservation staff person at the fish hatchery located at the trout park and ask for an "I Released a Lunker" program application. Once you and your witness have signed the application, the MDC staff person will present your patch. Win the Grand Slam patch! Why be satisfied with releasing lunkers at just one of Missouri's trout parks? Catch and release a lunker at all four parks and win the Grand Slam patch. … [Read more...]

Felt Sole Ban – Bennett Spring State Park – Effective March 1st 2012

The Missouri Conservation Commission has approved a regulation change banning the use of porous-soled waders or footwear incorporating or having attached a porous sole of felted, matted, or woven fibrous material when fishing in trout parks and other specific trout waters. Pending public comment through the Secretary of State's office, the new regulation will go into effect March 1, 2012, the opening day of catch-and-keep fishing at Missouri's four trout parks. To help reduce the spread of didymo, MDC encourages anglers to remember: Check, then Clean or Dry. *        Check all gear and equipment and remove any visible algae. Dispose of algae by placing it in the trash, not by putting it down a drain or into bodies of water. *        Then Clean all gear and equipment with a solution of 2-percent bleach, 5-percent saltwater, or dishwashing detergent. Allow all equipment to stay in contact with the solution for at least three minutes. Soak all soft items, such as felt-soled … [Read more...]